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Everything You Need to Know About Car Subwoofers

When someone mentions subwoofers, many people think of the annoying bass that shakes and rattles everything in and around the car. While that is a fair assessment in many cases, there is more to subwoofers than that. Their job is to produce low frequency of sound that is an essential part of virtually every type of music. Car speakers are usually pretty small, so they have trouble producing low frequency sound.

Regardless of what type of music you prefer, or just how loudly or softly you like to listen, a subwoofer can really enhance your experience by allowing you to feel grater depth and precision from your audio. A high quality sub will make the difference with a good and great sounding system.

Different Types of Subwoofers

There are two types of subwoofers: active and passive subwoofers.

Different type of Enclosures: Sealed, Ported, Bandpass, or Aperodic

While the size and type of the subwoofer is important, the kind of enclosure you pick also makes an impact. The enclosure, also know as ‘the box’, is simply that: a box that houses the subwoofer.

If you want exceptionally deep bass but don’t want your subwoofer to sound like it’s farting, then you should definitely get a sealed enclosure. A smaller sub in a sealed box can generate much deeper bass than a bigger subwoofer in an open box. Sealed enclosures are designed for tight, precise bass which won’t rattle your teeth.

What Kind of Subwoofer Should You Get?


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